The Known Ferengi Rules of Acquisition 已知的《佛瑞吉獲利守則》

你是否也是 Startrek 迷呢? 裡面有個種族佛瑞吉, 是種很會貿易賺錢的種族:


他們信奉著 《佛瑞吉獲利守則》, 來發揮他們的做生意能力, 來看看已知的 《佛瑞吉獲利守則》:

The Known Ferengi Rules of Acquisition


這裡列出了對應的翻譯, 用 google translate 翻的:

不過光第0則就翻不好了, 應該是大納古斯說的總是對的。其他的 Rule 也都可以看看, 其實對於生活或是經商的經驗可能還蠻不錯的…. (參考就好…)

0Always listen to the Grand Nagus總是聽盛大的嘮叨
1Once you have their money… you never give it back.一旦你有錢……你永遠不會回來。
2The best deal is the one that brings the most profit.最好的交易是帶來最多的利潤。
2Money is everything.金錢就是一切。
3Never spend more for an acquisition than you have to.永遠不要花更多比你的收購。
4Sedition and treason are always profitable.煽動和叛國隊始終有利可圖。
5Always exaggerate your estimates.總是誇大你的估計。
6Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity.永遠不要允許家人妨礙機會。
7Keep your ears open.保持耳朵打開。
8Small print leads to large risk.小印刷導致風險很大。
9Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.機會加本能等於利潤。
10Greed is eternal.貪婪是永恆的。
13Anything worth doing is worth doing for money.任何值得做的東西都值得賺錢。
14Sometimes the quickest way to find profits is to let them find you.有時尋找利潤最快的方式是讓他們找到你。
15Dead men close no deals.死人沒有交易。
16A deal is a deal… until a better one comes along.交易是一筆交易……直到一個更好的人。
17A contract is a contract is a contract… but only between Ferengi合同是合同是合同……但只在Ferengi之間
18A Ferengi without profit is no Ferengi at all.沒有利潤的Ferengi根本沒有Ferengi。
19Satisfaction is not guaranteed.不保證滿意度。
20He who dives under the table today lives to profit tomorrow.今天潛水在桌子下的潛水,明天有利於利潤。
21Never place friendship above profit.切勿將友誼放在利潤以上。
22A wise man can hear profit in the wind.一個聰明人可以聽到風中的利潤。
23Nothing is more important than your health… except for your money.沒有什麼比你的健康更重要了……除了你的錢。
27There’s nothing more dangerous than an honest businessman.沒有什麼比誠實的商人更危險了。
29What’s in it for me?我有什麼?
30Confidentiality equals profit.“保密等於利潤。”
31Never make fun of a Ferengi’s mother. Insult something he cares about instead.永遠不要取笑Ferengi的母親。侮辱他所關心的事情。
33It never hurts to suck up to the boss.吮吸老闆永遠不會傷害。
34War is good for business.戰爭對業務有益。
35Peace is good for business.和平對業務有益。
37The early investor reaps the most interest.早期投資者獲得了最令人利益。
39Don’t tell customers more than they need to know.不要告訴客戶比他們需要了解更多。
40She can touch your lobes but never your latinum.她可以觸摸你的裂片,但從來沒有你的拉寧。
41Profit is its own reward.利潤是自己的獎勵。
43Feed your greed, but not enough to choke it.餵養你的貪婪,但不足以扼殺牠。
44Never confuse wisdom with luck.永遠不要讓智慧混淆。
45Expand or die.膨脹或死亡。
47Don’t trust a man wearing a better suit than your own.不要相信一個穿著更好的西裝的男人。
48The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife.微笑更大,刀鋒銳利。
52Never ask when you can take.從來沒有問你什麼時候可以服用。
53Never trust anybody taller than you.永遠不要相信任何比你高的人。
54Rate divided by time equals profit. (Also known as “The Velocity of Wealth.”)利率除以時間等於利潤。 (也稱為“財富的速度”)
55Take joy from profit, and profit from joy.從利潤中快樂,從快樂中獲利。
57Good customers are as rare as latinum—treasure them.良好的顧客和拉坦珍寶一樣罕見。
58There is no substitute for success.沒有成功的替代品。
59Free advice is seldom cheap.免費建議很少便宜。
60Keep your lies consistent.保持你的謊言一致。
62The riskier the road, the greater the profit.道路的風險越大,利潤越大。
63Work is the best therapy-at least for your employees.工作是最好的治療 – 至少適合您的員工。
65Win or lose, there’s always Hupyrian beetle snuff贏或丟失,總有Hupyrian甲蟲鼻煙
66Someone’s always got bigger ears.有人總是有更大的耳朵。
68Risk doesn’t always equal reward.風險並不總是獎勵。
69Ferengi are not responsible for the stupidity of other races.Ferengi對其他種族的愚蠢不負責任。
74Knowledge equals profit.知識等於利潤。
75Home is where the heart is… but the stars are made of latinum.家是心臟的地方……但是星星是由拉寧製成的。
76Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.每次偶爾,宣布和平。它使你的敵人混淆了。
77If you break it, I’ll charge you for it!如果你打破它,我會為你收費!
79Beware of the Vulcan greed for knowledge.小心古怪的貪婪貪婪。
82The flimsier the product, the higher the price.產品的Flimsier,價格越高。
85Never let the competition know what you’re thinking.永遠不要讓競爭對手知道你在想什麼。
87Learn the customer’s weaknesses, so that you can better take advantage of him.了解客戶的弱點,這樣你就可以更好地利用他。
88It ain’t over ’til its over.它沒有超過它。
88Vengeance will cost you everything.復仇會花費你的一切。
89Ask not what your profits can do for you, but what you can do for your profits.不要問你的利潤可以為你做些什麼,但你可以為你的利潤做些什麼。
89[It is] better to lose some profit and live than lose all profit and die.[它是]更好地失去一些利潤和生活,而不是失去所有的利潤和死亡。
92There are many paths to profit.有很多途徑可以利潤。
94Females and finances don’t mix.女性和財務不混合。
95Expand or die.膨脹或死亡。
97Enough… is never enough.足夠……永遠不夠。
98Every man has his price.每個人都有他的價格。
98If you can’t take it with you, don’t go.如果你不能和你一起接受,不要去。
99Trust is the biggest liability of all.信任是所有人的最大責任。
100When it’s good for business, tell the truth.當它對業務有益,說出真相。
101Profit trumps emotion.利潤勝過情緒。
102Nature decays, but latinum lasts forever.自然衰減,但拉坦姆永遠持續。
103Sleep can interfere with opportunity.睡眠可能會干擾機會。
104Faith moves mountains… of inventory.信仰移動山脈……庫存。
106There is no honor in poverty.貧困沒有榮譽。
108Hope doesn’t keep the lights on.希望不會保持燈光。
108A woman wearing clothes is like a man without any profits.一個女人穿著衣服就像一個沒有任何利潤的人。
109Dignity and an empty sack is worth the sack.尊嚴和空的大袋值得大袋。
110Exploitation begins at home.剝削從家裡開始。
111Treat people in your debt like family… exploit them.像家人一樣對待你的債務……利用它們。
112Never have sex with the boss’ sister.永遠不會與老闆的妹妹發生性關係。
113Always have sex with the boss.總是與老闆發生性關係。
117You can’t free a fish from water.你不能從水中釋放魚。
121Everything is for sale, even friendship.一切都是出售,甚至是友誼。
122Never Sleep with the bosses sister永遠不要和老闆妹妹睡覺
123Even a blind man can recognize the glow of Latinum.即使是盲人也可以識別拉寧的輝煌。
125You can’t make a deal if you’re dead.如果你死了,你就無法做出交易。
135Listen to secrets, but never repeat them.傾聽秘密,但永遠不要重複他們。
139Wives serve, brothers inherit.妻子服務,兄弟繼承了。
141Only fools pay retail.只有傻瓜支付零售。
144There’s nothing wrong with charity… as long as it winds up in your pocket.慈善機構沒有錯…只要它在口袋裡蜿蜒而來。
147People love the bartender.人們喜歡調酒師。
151Even when you’re a customer, sell yourself.即使你是客戶,賣給自己。
153Sell the sizzle, not the steak.賣嘶嘶聲,而不是牛排。
162Even in the worst of times someone turns a profit.即使在最糟糕的時候,有人會贏得利潤。
168Whisper your way to success.竊竊私語方式成功。
177Know your enemies… but do business with them always.了解你的敵人……但總是與他們一起做生意。
181Not even dishonesty can tarnish the shine of profit.甚至不誠實都不會玷污利潤的光澤。
183When life hands you ungaberries, make detergent.當生命用手ungaberries時,做洗滌劑。
184A Ferengi waits to bid until his opponents have exhausted themselves.Ferengi等待出價,直到他的對手已經筋疲力盡了。
188Not even dishonesty can tarnish the shine of profit.甚至不誠實都不會玷污利潤的光澤。
189Let others keep their reputation. You keep their money.讓別人保持聲譽。你留下錢。
190Hear all, trust nothing.聽到所有人,什麼都不信任。
192Never cheat a Klingon… unless you’re sure you can get away with it.永遠不要欺騙klingon ……除非你確定你可以逃脫它。
193Trouble comes in threes.麻煩來自三個。
193It’s never too late to fire the staff.消防工作人員永遠不會太晚。
194It’s always good business to know about new customers before they walk in your door.在他們走進門之前了解新客戶總是很好的事。
199Location, location, location.位置,位置,位置。
200A Ferengi chooses no side but his own.Ferengi選擇沒有一面,但他自己。
202The justification for profit is profit.利潤的理由是利潤。
203New customers are like razor-toothed gree worms. They can be succulent, but sometimes they bite back.新客戶就像剃須刀齒狀格力蠕蟲一樣。它們可能是多汁的,但有時他們會咬回來。
208Sometimes, the only thing more dangerous than a question is an answer.有時,唯一比一個問題更危險的是答案。
211Employees are the rungs on the ladder of success. Don’t hesitate to step on them.員工是成功階梯的梯級。不要猶豫,踩到他們。
212A good lie is easier to believe than the truth.良好的謊言比真相更容易相信。
214Never begin a (business) negotiation on an empty stomach.從來沒有空腹開始(經營)談判。
216Never gamble with a telepath.永遠不要用電氣觀看賭博。
217Always know what you’re buying.總是知道你在買什麼。
217You can’t free a fish from water.你不能從水中釋放魚。
218Sometimes what you get free costs entirely too much.有時你完全得到了太多的成本。
219Possession is eleven-tenths of the law!佔有是第十一的法律!
223Beware the man who doesn’t take time for Oo-mox.小心那個不適合OO-MOX的人。
227If that’s what’s written, then that’s what’s written.如果這是寫了什麼,那就是寫的。
229Latinum lasts longer than lust.拉寧持續時間比慾望長。
235Duck; death is tall.鴨子;死亡很高。
236You can’t buy fate.你不能買命運。
239Never be afraid to mislabel a product.永遠不要害怕誤標定產品。
240Time, like latinum, is a highly limited commodity.像拉丁文一樣的時間是一種高度有限的商品。
242More is good… all is better.更好的是……一切都更好。
243Always leave yourself an out.總是把自己留出去。
248The definition of insanity is trying the same failed scheme & expecting different results精神錯亂的定義正在嘗試同樣的失敗方案並期望不同的結果
255A wife is luxury… a smart accountant a neccessity.妻子是奢侈……一個聰明的會計師是一個不可思議的。
257When the messenger comes to appropriate your profits, kill the messenger.當信使來適當的利潤時,殺死信使。
261A wealthy man can afford anything except a conscience.除了良心之外,一個富有的人可以買得起任何東西。
263Never allow doubt to tarnish your lust for latinum.永遠不要懷疑玷污你對拉坦利姆的慾望。
266When in doubt, lie.有疑問,謊言。
267If you believe it, they believe it.如果你相信它,他們相信它。
272Always inspect the merchandise before making a deal.在進行交易之前,總是檢查商品。
280If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.如果它沒有破產,請不要修理它。
284Deep down, everyone’s a Ferengi.深入了解,每個人都是Ferengi。
285No good deed ever goes unpunished.沒有好事逍遙法外。
286When Morn leaves, it’s all over.當早晨離開時,就完全結束了。
287Always get somebody else to do the lifting.總是讓別人做起來。
288Never get into anything that you can’t get out of.永遠不要進入任何你無法擺脫的東西。
289A man is only worth the sum of his possessions.一個男人只值得他的財產的總和。
290An angry man is an enemy, and a satisfied man is an ally.一個憤怒的人是敵人,一個滿意的人是一個盟友。
291The less employees know about the cash flow, the smaller the share they can demand.員工較少了解現金流量,他們要求的份額越小。
292Only a fool passes up a business opportunity.只有傻瓜才能通過商業機會。
293The more time they take deciding, the more money they will spend.他們決定的時間越多,他們將花費的錢越多。
294A bargain usually isn’t.討價還價通常不是。
299Whenever you exploit someone, it never hurts to thank them…That way it’s easier to exploit them the next time.每當你利用某人時,感謝他們永遠不會傷害……這樣,下次利用它們更容易利用它們。
431When the shooting starts, let the mercenaries handle it!拍攝開始時,讓僱傭兵處理它!


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